NOTE: As of 2012, MaryTTS is maintained at These pages are only kept online for historical interest.

Welcome to the OpenMary development page

MARY TTS 5.0 Release Notes (June 2012)

Documentation and issues will move there at some stage, so in the meantime, you may want to look in both places for the information you are looking for.

Information about new languages and voices in MARY TTS 5.0 can be found in: MARY TTS 5.0 wiki at github

Online demo still running in: MARYY TTS 5.0 online demo

For an introduction to MARY go to the main MARY page.

Access to the source code repository at github

You can check out the latest development source code from the Github repository at, using the following command:

   git clone git://

The source code of previous released versions can be obtained from the old SVN repository, below tags/. For example, to check out the source code of the "4.1.1" release, do this:

   svn checkout openmary-4.1.1

Bug reports

If you think you have identified a bug, we would like to hear about it. For a meaningful bug report, proceed as follows:

  1. Check in the new list of issues on github as well as the old list of known bugs on TRAC whether the bug has been reported already;
  2. If you cannot find it, create a new issue on github containing the following information:
    • operating system and java version used;
    • what to do to reproduce the error;
    • expected behaviour;
    • detailed log files, i.e. an excerpt of MARY TTS/log/server.log containing the error episode.
  3. Discuss the problem on the MARY user mailing list.

Old releases

Wiki documentation

Guidelines for code development:

Mailing List

If you use the MARY system, you can subscribe to the mary-users mailing list. Topics that should be discussed here include:

  • How to use the MARY system: run the server, start the client, save audio, run MARY in standalone mode, etc.
  • Suggestions for improvement, bug reports, feature requests (no guarantees of course that anyone has time to do it).

The MARY developers mailing list is for discussions around the MARY TTS source code:

  • Improvements of the core MARY code;
  • issues around attempts to build new language components and voices;
  • issues arising when integrating MARY TTS into other code.

You can search past messages on the Mary-users or the Mary-developers lists:

WWW Mary-users Archives Mary-developers Archives


People interested in adding support for a language in MARY TTS can contact Marc Schröder (schroed at We can discuss whether you want to do your development on your own servers or in a branch on the MARY SVN repository. Once it is sufficiently mature, your contribution could be merged into the trunk and become part of a future MARY TTS release.

Any pronunciation corrections are welcome on the PronunciationCorrections page.


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