MARY TTS 4.2.0: Release notes

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This is a feature release, adding new features while maintaining compatibility with existing 4.x voices.

This release marks the final results of work on MARY TTS in the SEMAINE project, where our main focus for TTS has been on building expressive British English voices with listener vocalization capabilities.

New features for synthesis of expressive vocalizations

  • Improved support for expressive vocalizations in the British English unit selection voices dfki-poppy, dfki-prudence, dfki-spike and dfki-obadiah. Signal modification is now used to combine intonation contours and segmental forms, as described in Pammi et al. (2010).
  • Added vocalization support to the HMM-based versions of these voices: dfki-poppy-hsmm, dfki-prudence-hsmm, dfki-spike-hsmm and dfki-obadiah-hsmm.

For details on the new MaryXML <vocalization> tag and usage examples, see VocalizationSynthesis.

New voice

  • For German, we created bits1-hsmm, a female HMM-based voice built from recordings provided by BITS.


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